Lead Generation for the weary

Lead Generation for the weary

Are you caught up in the mix of CRM’s and forms and cold-calls? Generating your own leads as a Real Estate Agent can be taxing – it takes strong, innovative ideas and consistent follow up, bust most of all it takes time commitment. Many of the most effective ways to gain leads may require after-hours activities or work, but that’s the nature of this dynamic and client-oriented industry.

If you’ve hit a wall in terms of lead-generation, look at the list below and try something new! Sometimes all it takes is finding your perfect strategy – then running with it.

20 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

  1. Volunteer at a big event – This is a great networking tool in general!
  2. Promote unique content on social media – Whether you have 1 account or 4 accounts, a strong social media presence is worth more than you know.
  3. Follow and engage with community accounts on social media – Don’t be stagnant on social media. It’s important to engage with other accounts, share their info, and offer new info to them!
  4. Participate in charity – It doesn’t matter if you choose a local charity or a national philanthropic cause; any work for the good of the community at large is a great way to gain the trust and respect of those around you, and to meet new people that care about the same issues you care about.
  5. Probe Linked In for connections – LinkedIn is full of contact information and details on people in your area. You can learn a lot about someone by showing interest in their professional lives.
  6. Blog daily or weeklyShare your posts with social followers, previous clients, peers, and potential new clients. Content is easy to generate if you are knowledgeable and active in the industry and in your community.
  7. Advertise in local publications – This is one of the traditional, generic forms of generating leads and advertising your business, but that does not mean it’s lost all value. Find niche publications that your customers might be interested in. Find publications that don’t already have Real Estate ads. Their readership can become your client base.
  8. Advertise with flyers and door hangers – Yet another traditional method of advertisement – but worthwhile in many communities! There’s a lot of Realtors out there, so the more people see your name, the better.
  9. Create hand-outs – Include your business cards along with a small gift like a pen or even candy with a note. As long as it’s lasting and memorable, it will help you stand out from other Realtors.
  10. Request referrals from past clients – It never hurts to remind your previous clients that they can refer friends, coworkers and family to you. As long as you maintain strong relationships with your clients, they will be willing to help you succeed!
  11. Attend wedding planning events, shows or conventions – This can be huge if you are in an area with growing neighborhoods. Couples that are getting married are often looking for new housing opportunities and you could be their guide!
  12. Volunteer to speak at colleges with related courses – Find a local school or university and offer to guest lecture or even do small post-class presentations for the students. Give them small details of the industry and offer your contact information. Even if they are not client material, you never know who they might be able to refer to you.
  13. Create helpful content for your website – This can include how to’s, guides, videos, etc. Anything that contains unique information can be useful to a potential client and can help build your credibility as an industry leader.
  14. Co-Brand with a local business owner – Do you have a friend or peer who owns a small business in your area? Become their go-to for information on real estate and network with each other’s clients!
  15. Start a linked in group and update it with relevant, reliable content – This can start with a small group of business owners in the area, other real estate agents, professionals in one specific industry, etc. Find something you are interested in and build a following!
  16. Sit on a board of a local organization – By joining groups and organizations in your local area, you are much more likely to build contacts you would not have reached otherwise.
  17. Share testimonials on your website and Social Media accounts – Within each client you have impressed, lies a valuable testimonial. Take advantage of your relationships with clients by gathering testimonials to share with the world! It’s not considered bragging – just go for it.
  18. Create lead capture forms on Facebook and your Website – These may not always have the highest ROI if sent generically, but if you target your forms and timing correctly, you just might come out with a handful of new clients.
  19. Attend career fairs and hiring functions – Let people know about the industry you work in, while simultaneously networking and meeting potential new clients!
  20. Create an automated email drip campaign with useful and unique content – These take a little bit of time to set up, but once they are up and running, they have lasting effects! Automated emails have the ability to use personalization and analytics to guide your marketing strategy in the right direction.