Facebook Targeting

Facebook Targeting

Dive in deeper to explore techniques for targeting your ads and boosts


  • Targeting: Selecting what kinds of people you want to see your promotion (ad or boost), ranging from where they live, where they work, demographic info,  interests, behaviors and many more.
  • Organic Content: Content that people will only see if they already follow you or search you.
  • Paid Content: Content you pay to promote on Facebook to users who don’t follow you and likely don’t know anything about you. Through targeting in ads or boosted posts, you can pay to reach new audiences who don’t follow you or know anything about you.
  • Boosted Post: Something you post to your page and then pay to ‘boost’ to targeted audiences you personally select, so the post appears on those targeted audiences timelines and newsfeeds in addition to living on your page.
  • Ads:  Things you make on Facebook sent directly to the timelines and newsfeeds of audiences you select through targeting, living exclusively on those user’s timelines and newsfeeds.


  • Advertisers work to put their content and products in front of the specific consumer they believe will be most interested in their product and ad.  
  • Targeting allows you to get in front of the consumer and show your product and brand specifically to those who most likely to be interested in them and therefore have more success and a higher ROI.



  • There are A TON of different detailed things you can target. Some popular ones are household composition, marital status, hobbies and activities, if they are likely to move, and many more!
  • The kind of things you decide to target for are dependent on the type of promotion and your overall personal objectives.
  • What you target for in listings can vary greatly. It’s often dependent on the house and the type of area the home is in such as how you would target for a McLean listing would be different from a Fredericksburg listing.


  • You tell Facebook a lot based off things you post, pages you like, and apps you use
  • A majority of ads you personally see on Facebook are Real Estate related. Facebook knows you’re in the industry based off your job title, pages you liked, groups you’re in, and other content you’ve posted.
  • They also know what you browse in other windows from “Cookies.” So for instance they know if someone visits realtor.com a lot and knows to give that person real estate related ads.
  • All of this data is stored to serve users relevant ads.


  • Facebook has done a good job of cracking down on Fair Housing violations in ads. Facebook will not allow you to run housing ads using multicultural affinity targeting.
  • Housing ads cannot discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation or medical or genetic condition. If you select these parameters, Facebook will not let you run the promotion and ask you to certify that you understand the advertising policies.
  • Other targeting options are fair game, if you have concerns beyond these, please get in touch with Mike Briggs (mbriggs@samsonproperties.net)


  • Targeting in listings may not always work the first time in cracking that magic formula. If your first promotions don’t perform well, try changing up the targeting options. Don’t keep trying the same thing if it’s not working!
  • Place yourself in the shoes of the homebuyer. Ask yourself what types of characteristics would someone have who would be interested in this home?
  • This is where you can truly get creative!
  • Does the house have greenhouse? Target for people who like planting and gardening.
  • Is is close to a golf course? Target for those interested in golf.
  • Is the backyard big or small, fenced in, not fenced in? Target for dog owners.
  • Is it close to Metro or Dulles Airport? You can target for those interested in (WMATA) and commuting and also Dulles Airport.
  • You can also think to target for things around the home. Is it close to things like Tysons Corner mall? You can target for those things as well.



  • Always target for Real Estate terms.
  • For example, once you type in one, like “Likely to Move” a bunch of other related terms will pop up under suggestions will, definitely plug those in too (if applicable)
  • You can also browse for things like “Parents with preteens” to hit families, under demographics.
  • You can also search for terms (bottom photo), such as if you searched for “gardening” you would type it in the box and select gardening
  • Just be careful you select the correct corresponding category, since some items can be listed twice as employers and interests.