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This page is designed to help you get to know Samson Properties and connect to the array of online resources: top training videos, frequently asked questions, calendar, rosters, Samson University, how to order signs and business cards, agent resources, joining/transferring, company calendar and even a link to "Danny's 60-minute interview overview of Samson Properties." You can also enjoy blog posts from our marketing team to stay up to date on new tips, tricks, and industry updates. 

Please check the Cheat Sheet for any questions you may have. 

Samson University

Log in to Samson University today to start learning more about social media, technology, and everything real estate related! With over 200 training videos, you won't miss a beat.

Username: songbird

Password: sings

Cardinal Title Group

When working with Cardinal Title Group, please send your contracts to contracts@cardinaltitlegroup.com

If you have questions, please reach out to the following Cardinal Title Group contacts!

View our VA Fee Sheet here >               View our MD Fee Sheet here >

Mary Klotz, General Manager

Reach out for processing questions! | mary@cardinaltitlegroup.com

Reid Hubbard, Director of Operations


Visit the Cardinal Title Group website at cardinaltitlegroup.com

New Agent Orientation | Professional REALTORS® With A Family Touch 











Click Here to watch the Donny Samson dotloop® training session from April 4, 2017

Click Here to watch the Donny Samson dotloop® training session from March 7, 2017

Click Here to watch the Donny Samson dotloop® training session from February 21, 2017

Click Here to watch the Evan Peele dotloop® training session on-site training, January 7 , 2017  (If you don't have a dotloop® account, please contact Keyber Mendez.

Some dotloop® reminders:

  1. If you have a file started in Track My File you can finish it out there. ALL new files should be started and completed in dotloop
  2. If you still want to keep zip forms you have to switch to a personal account. Our company account ends JANUARY 31.
  3. Our company account will continue with Docusign. It's $35 per quarter if you want to keep that account. All accounts will be deleted starting February 1st unless you tell Donny Samson you want to keep yours.
  4. Submit dotloop files for review by Cynthia and her team.
  5. Submit twice for each type of file.

Purchase transactions in dotloop®:

  1. Once you get the EMD, submit the form for review and turn in the check.
  2. Once you have all ratified contract, addenda, commission disbursement, etc., “hopefully” a week or more before closing so we can approve it and have your check ready at closing.

Listing transaction in dotloop®:

1. Once you have a signed Listing agreement it's on file

2. Once you have all ratified contract and signed addenda. “Hopefully” a week or so ahead of closing so we have your file approved and checks ready for you at closing.

Please DO NOT submit every time you get something done. Only when it's completely done and ready for submission.

If have any questions when you log in call the support line and use your member ID that's in the bottom right hand corner.

Please let me know if you have questions on anything.

Donny Samson


Click here to connect to the FTP site

The FTP site is an online resource containing Templates for Ads, Brochures, Postcards, Broker Q&A, business card forms, Cardinal Title, Donny's Listing Presentation, Casey's Marketing, Contract Forms and Addenda, Logos, Marketing Templates, MD/DC Licensees, MRIS, Phone Lists, Website info...you name it. Here is how to log-in:

For Desktop users — Click on the link above to log-in to the Samson Properties FTP site. To log-in, provide the following information:

user name: [initial of your first name + last name (lower case)]  | password: [the last 5 digits of your social security #]

The site contains "read only" files, which means you cannot make changes to the original file. You must save the files to your computer or device.

For Apple IOS devices Mobile Users — you must download the "FTP Client Lite" to access the Samson FTP site

Type this information into the FTP Client then click CONNECT:
Host: ftp.samsonproperties.net | user name: [your first initial and last name]  | password: [the last 5 digits of your social security number]

For Android Mobile Users — you must download the "AndFTP" to access the Samson FTP site

Type this information into the FTP Client then click CONNECT:
Host: ftp.samsonproperties.net | user name: [initial of your first name + last name - lower case]  | password: [the last 5 digits of your social security number]







Schedule your conference room with SKEDDA

We are excited to be able to schedule all of our conference rooms online for you to meet with your clients.

Here is the link to sign into our online schedule system, Skedda. https://samson.skedda.com/register?key=0f7d633

From there you can schedule a conference room in any of our offices.  Cardinal Title Group will put their closings on there so you can work around those. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, Donny Samson at donnysamson@samsonproperties.net.

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Click Here to learn about what BOOST does for you, and how to set up your account!

Click Here to login to the Boost Dashboard 

Print Center

The print center at Samson Properties takes care of printing, addressing, trimming and delivery of your postcards to the U.S. Post Office. In addition, you can print 30 brochures and 30 flyers free per listing. To qualify for 300 free postcards, you must fill out the postcard order form (on the FTP site), mail to renters for an open house, and deliver your artwork and mailing list to the print center (print@samsonproperties.net) by no later than 9:00am Monday morning.

Accounting Questions

For accounting issues, contact April Muddiman at 703-378-8810

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